“This is what our people need.
They need your hands to serve them, and they
need your heart to love them.”
Mother Teresa
The candidates to our congregation are girls of
Catholic faith, age 18 to 35, of any nationality
or social standing, healthy in mind and body,
able to acquire knowledge, possessing sound
judgement, a lot of common sense and a
cheerful disposition. Love for the poor and the
desire to serve them out of love for God is the
presumed prerequisite.

Candidates are encouraged to complete at least
a high school education. Those interested in
joining will be invited to make a two week
“Come and See” experience in one the houses.

If you feel that God is calling you to dedicate
your life to him in this particular charism,
please contact the Missionaries of Charity at one
of the addresses below (please see Contact us,
for the address of the house closest to you).

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