“I would like to give them (patients suffering
from Hensen’s desease) better homes – uplift
them … make them know that they too are the
loved children of God and so give them something
to live for. … I want slowly to build like a little
town of their own where our lepers could live
normal lives.”
Mother Teresa
In India we have ten large homes for patients
suffering from Hansen’s disease. In our effort to
provide for them the necessary medical care
(including surgeries) and means of rehabilitation
(work), we also make them feel loved and
wanted, so that they gain confidence, human
dignity and assume their role in society. These
centers are organized as “small villages” or
“colonies” where each patient who has a family
is given a small house, a small plot of land to
grow their vegetables, and a possibility to work
on handlooms. In one of the centers, the
patients make the blue-bordered saries that are
worn by the Sisters; they are paid for their work
so that they can support their own families.

We also have Indoor and Mobile Primary
Healthcare Facilities for treating patients
suffering from Hansen’s disease.

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