Life Style of Missionaries of Charity

  • Deliberately and voluntarily choosing to live
    a life of poverty and austerity
    - choosing to be poor and simple.
  • Dressed in simple and modest cotton attire of a
    three-striped blue bordered sari (worn in Bengali style),
    simple footwear and a simple cloth
    handbag, with no wrist watch, no
    finger ring or other accessories.
  • Living as communities in convents, in simple
    dwellings and common rooms, with no provision
    of private rooms.
  • Going out in pairs, conveyancing in the
    cheapest forms of transports, praying the
    rosary while travelling.
  • Sustained from a common fund of the
    Congregation, with no personal bank account
    or property in one’s name, no personal money.
  • No partaking of any food or drink in the
    houses of the poor the rich visited, providing food for oneself for the day’s journey.
  • No participation in social entertainments
    such as theatres, parties, restaurants
  • Use of electric and electronic appliances only
    for absolute necessity i.e. lawful requirements.