“A healing touch of God that cures all diseases;
a soothing smile of God that warms all hearts;
God’s own language of love that all hearts
understand.” -M.C. Constitutions
Our objective is to love and serve the poorest of
the poor, both materially and spiritually, not
only in the slums, but also all over the world
wherever they may be. In loving and serving the
poorest of the poor, we endeavor to live the
love of God in prayer and action in a life
marked by the simplicity and humility of the
Gospel. We “put our love into action” by:
• nursing the sick and dying destitutes;
• gathering and teaching the poor and little
street children;
• visiting and caring for beggars, leprosy
patients and their children;
• giving shelter to the abandoned and homeless;
• caring for the unwanted, the unloved and the lonely.
In her effort to “bring souls to God and God to
the souls”, Mother Teresa taught us: “What
these poor people need desperately is genuine
kindness – But what we want to bring into their
lives is not merely kindness and benevolence!
Our spirit is the spirit of Christ, Whom we see
and serve in the poor, the suffering and the
sick. Hence mere material help, even the most
abundant, could never change these lives for
the better. However if supplemented and
inspired by spiritual outlook and guidance,
surely some bright rays of hope and courage will
penetrate into their sad lives, and do away, to
some extent with that
terrible destitution that drives so many to lawlessness, vice and
The mission of our active Sisters is supported by
the prayer, silence, fasting and penance of our
contemplative Sisters.